Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ideas For Using Stone Veneer in and nearby Your Home

#1. Ideas For Using Stone Veneer in and nearby Your Home

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Ideas For Using Stone Veneer in and nearby Your Home

If you belief stone veneer was just for front facing a home to add curb petition then you only know half the story. Real thin stone veneer is a gorgeous goods that is exquisite for retaining walls, fireplaces, interior wall coverings, as well as for facades and surface wall coverings.

Ideas For Using Stone Veneer in and nearby Your Home

But why limit yourself there? This stone is so easy to install and utter that you could probably find many other uses for it. How about adding stone veneer at the end of a counter top or nearby a kitchen island? What about installing stone veneer in the bathroom on the walls? Not only can natural stone enhance the feel of any décor, but it adds value to your home as well.

Four Applications, Many Styles to choose From

Use Stone Veneer for the interior panels in your home: whether one wall or throughout a whole room. Stone veneer can be an elegant and regal alternative to wallpaper or paint. You won't have to redo it in a few years whether because it is outdated or out of style. Stone veneer adds a timeless attractiveness to your home that is always updated.

In addition, stone veneer is durable and easy to clean. It adds a sense of old world with a modern touch to nearly any room. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, studies, libraries, and family rooms are just a few ideas which stone veneer could be used for.

You could use Stone Veneer to build a retaining wall in your backyard!

Liven up the garden, add some charm to an existing retaining wall, or elevate a orchad or flower bed. Thin stone veneer can be applied to any existing or new retaining wall to make it look like a gorgeous rock wall instead of a plain old flower bed. With the proper applications and installation, your stone veneer wall will last many years and prove to experience even the most severe weather conditions - yet still conduct to look gorgeous for years to come.

Stone veneer can be used for fireplaces. A stone veneer façade on an indoor or outdoor fireplace can make it look like you've spent a fortune! Outdoor patios in need of a touch of class can be transformed naturally with the addition of a stone fireplace.

Re-facing or building new indoor fireplaces can be a simple and easy task with the addition of stone veneer. Unlike fake manufactured stone, real stone veneer stands up to the intense heat of the fireplace.

Consider using stone veneer for siding on the surface of your home. Add a level of sophistication and charm to the surface of your home. Stone veneer can be applied whether on the lower half of a wall or as the whole front or surface of a home. This will add that touch of elegance, class and disagreement that is emulated from the upscale homes of the rich and famous. Give your home the same elegant curb petition with durable, fade resistant, chip resistant, weather resistant, and warm looking stone veneer.

What To Expect

You can expect to find hundreds of styles, patterns, and colors of stone veneer. You can choose from existing colors and patterns that are available or institution order your veneer to suit your unique taste. Stone veneer installs much more quickly than the fabricated stone since it is lighter in weight. It is also more durable since it is resistant to weather, sun damage, and even chipping.

Upgrade your curb appeal, backyard elegance, or old world style interior with modern and spectacular, thin stone veneer. You will save money and have a long persisting goods that will be sure to add a touch of class to any home indoors or out. In summary, you can apply stone veneer to indoor or outdoor fireplaces, walls, and facades. You can expect the attractiveness of natural thin stone veneer to ad charm and class to your home, no matter where you conclude to put it within your home.

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